Hamilton Book Club; Imperial Bedrooms

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In a sequel to his previous novel Less Than Zero, author Bret Easton Ellis brings us back 25 years later to revisit his same cast of characters in the brand new book Imperial Bedrooms. What is sure to be a tough look at modern life in Los Angeles – the privileged world that was exhibited in the first book was a cold and sometimes shocking look at the 80′s MTV generation through the authors unforgiving eye.

Less than Zero has been referred to as a current day Catcher in the Rye, and one can see how that comparison could be made. Both novels feature a listless narrator searching for answers – and sometimes discovering more about the world and themselves that they bargained for. The 80′s version of the city of Los Angeles was portrayed as a harsh and materialistic landscape where sex, drugs, and violence were treated as everyday occurrences…remember this is the guy that brought us American Psycho. Its going to be fascinating to see where the author picks up with his characters, see how they’ve changed, what they are up to, and see how they surviving in present day L.A.

Check out an excerpt from Imperial Bedrooms from Esquire.com.

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